Cyclists follow the trail from the highest peaks to the trickiest paths. It is essential to keep tracking the cycle journey and returning to the right place. In the technologically driven world, one can choose from so many applications. It may not consist of the features that are required. Here are seven application options to track the trails, maps, cycle activities and first aid, etc.

Strava (Highly Recommended by Cyclists)

Cyclists can track and evaluate their performance on this app. It is not a simple tracking app, but you can build a social network like Facebook on this app. You can set goals, check progress and expedition through this application. Strava lets customers download the statistics. Find an inbuilt GPS and find the desired routes.

My Fitness Pal

For a healthy ride, you need a healthy diet. My Fitness Pal is the right choice to evaluate your nutritional diet. Its database helps you to track the calories depending on the diet consumed. To be a cyclist, you need to finish the right food and nutrition. This app is your friend if you wish to control the unnecessary consumption of food. 

Map my Ride

Looking for someone to give you feedback after every ride? Map My Fitness is the right choice to track and map your ride journey. You can get in-depth insights on all your workouts. Sync your other gadgets like watches or trackers to understand the better details. 


While on an adventure, accidents are bound to happen. It can vary from minor injury to something serious. It is recommended to carry a first aid kit. That's not enough; you must also understand how to use it. iFirstAid has basic tutorials for emergency first aid. If you are traveling to risky trails, better to take precautions firsthand.

Cyclemeter Cycling Tracker

If you are unsatisfied with the above-mentioned apps, we have another option for you. It is an advanced app for tracking Cycling, running, walking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and more. Your statistical data will be stored throughout the years, and you can compare your progress as desired.


A complete package for Cycling, walking, and MTB. You can map your progress and download maps with excellent quality. Share your experience with your fellow cycling community. Share your story with pictures and the distance covered with your community. Sync your devices with the Kamoot app. Experience the app for free and fantastic tracking. 

Zwift Companion

Tracking cycle activity, plan for events, set goals, find your map, analyze your workout sessions, and text message your progress with Zwift Companion. This app will help you plan your calendar, prepare you for upcoming events like marathons, and provide a perfect dashboard to know what's happening in your cycling life.

These apps have a good rating amongst the fitness community and cyclists' community. These not only help one to track the activities but also much more. If you are looking for the cycle that will help you plan your adventure trip, book your Leader MTB and hop on the saddle to follow the trail.