Adventure is the main essence of any sports. Cyclists enjoy biking on the steepest mountains to trickiest terrains. In order to have fun at the adventure sports, it is important to carry the essentials and it should be light enough to carry all the way. Here are some tips and hacks for all the cyclists which can help them to have a wonderful biking experience.

1. Replace that heavy tent with the bivvy bag

If you are planning a night in the mountains with beautiful starry view, then why miss it with sleeping under a tent. Tents are heavy and takes up a lot of space. It is recommended to carry a bivvy bag. Which is easily foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry.


2. Get the lightweight gas stove

Eating warm food and sipping hot coffee in the beautiful valley after a long ride is exhilarating. Carry a lightweight stove which are easily available. Gas stove can help you sustain in the harsh days of long treks.



3. Look for necessary cycling gear

When you plan a long hike, carrying right gear is very mandatory. Pack helmet, led light, inner tube, bike lock, patch kit, tire levers, compact pumps, and adjustable wrench, etc.



4. Get your hands on Multi-tool kit

It is unlikely to predict what can occur on the street while riding. Maybe a bolt loosens up, or the chain starts giving you the issue in between. It is advisable to carry a multi-tool kit whenever you ride, which is adjustable to your cycle career or saddle. The sizes and designs of toolsets vary for every ride, and a lightweight tool kit is good to go.



5. Arrange stuff for bicycle to carry

Cycling on the rough terrains can affect your spine movement. If there is heavy baggage on the back, it will drain the rider’s energy. Arrange your bags on the cycle which is convenient to you. Keep only few essential lightweight items in your back bag.



6. Check for right navigation resources

One can never be sure of the route while on trek. No matter how many times you went through that path, it is recommended to carry the navigational applications, trackers, paper map, cyclometers, and compass etc. Keep the extra batteries ready for your navigation gadgets. Make sure you know how to operate the navigation apps or devices. 



7. Hygiene is essential

Hygiene is the top priority, wherever you go. Pack the essential toiletries like disposable toothbrushes, toilet paper, mouth wash, sunscreen, mosquito replant, lip balm, and your prescribed medicines. It is recommended to  carry the first aid kit as well in your Hygiene kit for safety purposes.




Follow these hacks & tips, get the fullest of fun-adventure experience. Do not forget about the safety and don’t risk your life, if you are not sure about what is coming. Choose right bicycle for best experience. MTB by leader is perfect choice for your next trip.