Cycling is a fun experience; the fun doubles up when we have someone to share our journey and experiences. As more and more hands join, it builds a community. There are various cycling communities around the world as well in India.

These communities help cycling enthusiasts come together and motivate each other. The experts in these groups can help beginners to start their cycling journey. Some clubs also sponsor many cycling events, support the government with environmental activities, etc. Here are some of the popular communities for you to join

Chandigarh Cycling Club

Chandigarh Cycling Club is a group in The City Beautiful who enjoy recreational bicycle riding, touring, and commuting. They wish to promote cycling in the beautiful city, mountain biking, and social rides. They have a community built on Facebook, where they share cycling stories and help beginners with their knowledge and expertise.

Delhi Elite Cyclists and Runners

Delhi Elite Cyclists and Runners, aka #DECR, as the name suggests, is a community of cyclists and runners. Joining is free; they have a range of experts in cycling & running who can help you get started or prepare for any special event in which you wish to participate.

Hyderabad Cycling Club

The club is active; they ride every day of the week to different locations. They are a registered bicycling community and help their government with environmental activities. Promoting “Cycle to work” is one of their initiatives in collaboration with the Traffic Police to reduce road pollution.

Tamilnadu Cycling Club

The club is a non-profit community group formed to promote cycling and building a community. Like other cycling communities, they have many experts to help beginners with cycling. The club also strives to sponsor events and participate in local, regional, and national cycling activities consistent with its purpose. The club also effectively represents the cycling community with the local agencies.


The community is beyond any borders and geography. They intend to build a community without bounds to cities, states, or countries. Here you can find discussions, information sharing, planning and organizing rides, tours, purchases, helping new riders gain confidence, tech help, fun, and whatnot.

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