For a comfortable, injury-free and optimal performance ride you need the right bike fit. Your optimum riding position changes with your body weight, age and flexibility. Does your bike also need a fresh-fit?

Bike riding is a low-impact aerobic activity but even then problems may arise due to poor bike fit and wrong posture. When you are riding a bicycle, you are making thousands of pedal revolutions sitting in a fixed position. So, if you are even slightly not as per the right ‘fit’, it could lead to discomfort, wrong posture and may result in injuries.

What is an ideal bike fit?

Bike fitting is not something getting your bike fit as per your height or weight. It is a process that ensures the best riding performance by a rider by minimizing the chances of injury.

Bike fit depends upon a lot of factors such as your height, weight, medical condition, intended use etc. For example: If you are riding aggressively for a short duration, yours as well as the saddle position differs from when you go for easy rides.

Your MTB cycle needs special fitting if you want optimal performance in mountains. So, next time when you buy a bicycle from cycle shop near you, go for a proper bicycle fit. Make your intended use clear to the salesman as well.

Who all need bike fitting?

·        People having medical issues

If you are having pain in your knees, ankles, back or shoulders, you need a proper bike fit from professionals. Whether you buy cycle online or offline, don’t forget to address your medical concerns. This helps the bicycle seller to select the best cycle as per your needs and requirements.

·        Beginners

If you are starting from zero or making your child learn to ride a bicycle, bike-fit plays a pivotal role in learning how to position it. This will not only aid in quick learning but mitigates the wrong posture issues.

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·        Performance optimization

Irrespective of the gender, whether it’s a cycle for girls or a cycle for boys, your bike needs proper adjustments for comfort and optimal performance. If you are planning to go on aggressive, high-power rides then having a proper bike-fit is a must.   

·        Growing old

Even if you’re getting old, the good news is that you can still ride in your 50’s to stay healthy, active and forever young. Age is just a number and it should not slow you down from your bicycle riding aspirations.

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·        Recovering from a crash

Cycling on the road could be dangerous if you are not taking proper preventive measures. In case, you are recovering from an injury or a crash, you may not be able to ride a bike with full strength. It’s important to undergo a fresh bike fit so that your recovery is neither delayed nor harmed.

Some major accidents such as fractures, joint dislocation can permanently alter your riding position. A proper bike-fit would enable you to get back to your optimal position by doing slight adjustments to your bike.   

·        Post Pregnancy

For expecting mothers or mothers who have just delivered the baby, it’s imperative to raise the height of the handlebar to reduce the pressure on the baby bump or the lower abdomen area. Things that are suitable before pregnancy might not be after having a baby.  Rather than performance, comfort should be your prime aspect to focus on when you start riding after pregnancy.

·        Height, weight or flexibility

Your flexibility, height and weight do make a lot of difference while riding a bicycle. A slight change in any of the body’s composition may require you to have a fresh bike fit.

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