Whether to avoid a mechanical disaster or pay for a hot coffee on the way, here are a few things you must take on every bicycle ride.

Apart from your rough cloth, helmet, protective gear and shoes, there are some essential things you need to take on every bicycle ride, especially when going for long rides or mountain treks. Add these items to your pre-inspection checklist as well. These items may be partial but will help you keep the trouble away.

Puncture repair kit and patches

If the tyre gets punctured during your journey, this kit always helps. Visit a cycle shop near you to get some basic cycle repair or servicing knowledge.

Source of Energy

If you get tired or feel lethargic, grab an energy-rich bar or a piece of homemade cake to provide instant energy to complete your journey. Water or taking a snack may not be necessary on a small ride. But you never know. You may take a more extended trial than expected due to unexpected circumstances or breakdowns.

Money or credit card

Always keep some money handy. You can use it to recharge by buying energy food or paying for a hot coffee. In the worst-case scenario, you can use this money to take a taxi back home. You can easily roll some money and hide it in handle pads. You can also keep a credit card handy that will help you in case of a mechanical breakdown.  


A multi-tool containing some Allen keys, screws, chain tools etc., should be a part of your essential tool kit for riding. This tool comes in various sizes. Go for a mini version to avoid carrying an extra load in your backpack.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is essential irrespective of where and in which zone you live. It keeps you hydrated and re-energizes from time to time. Home water is the safest water of all kinds. Even if you don't have an energy-boosting snack, water will give you the desired boost to hit the final pedal back home.

Inner tubes

Keep a spare inner tube in your backpack and ensure it is not punctured. A punctured spare inner tube would undoubtedly increase your frustration. Keep it securely in a plastic wrap or a box so that it does not get punctured on rubbing with a sharp thing in your bag.

ID card

In case of an unfortunate event such as an accident and when you're unable to speak for yourself, your ID card could help the emergency personnel to identify you. Traffic police may stop you from violating traffic rules and signals. Not having an Identification card could land you in significant trouble.

Mobile phone

Mobile phones are always helpful. In case your cycle breaks and there is no mechanic around, you can quickly call someone for help. Also, if it's getting dark and you feel unsafe, calling a friend or a family member to pick you up could be your last resort.

Nowadays, smartphones have GPS enabled, so you can share your life status with your loved ones. It will help your family members track you and your location. If you witness a roadside accident or are involved in one, you can click some pictures with your phone. Photographic evidence is invaluable in future. 

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