If you love riding, you would be tempted to ride your favourite cycle during the rainy season as well. But, even if you are an avid mountain biker, riding on the mountains or hilly terrain could be risky during the rains. By staying alert and active, you can easily turn your bike riding during rains into a fun-filled and rejuvenating activity.

A lot of riders believe that riding during adverse climatic conditions could be rude and cruel to your MTB cycle. But, the best MTB bikes in India are designed to be ridden in any type of terrain bikes as well as climate. As long as you are taking care of your bike and following the pre-ride tips properly, rain cannot harm it. 

It may take some time and practice to get acquainted to ride in rains but when you become a pro, riding in wet conditions could be absolutely fun. So, here are a few tips to make your ride fun-filled.

Clean your bike

Apart from dusting your bike before starting the journey, wiping it with a clean cloth after finishing your ride is equally important especially during rains. Your bike is certainly going to be even dirtier than it was when you started. The reason is that when the tyres of your MTB cycle trek through the wet terrain, you and your cycle may get drenched in mud or dirty water.

Wiping your bike after finishing your ride is the best way to show your care towards it. The stagnated mud if not cleaned may harm your cycle paint and eventually rust.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure deeply impacts your riding. Changing the pressure slightly may affect how your cycle responds to your manoeuvring actions. You can explore the ideal tyre pressure online or else you can visit bicycle stores near you to get a clear idea on how to adjust tyre pressure during rains.

Increase your vision

Inevitably, your vision would be limited during rains but it is important to increase it than your normal days. Actually, your MTB bicycle would take some time to come to a halt after applying brakes due to wet conditions. This is also important to rule out the chances of bike skidding.

Whether you are driving with bare eyes or with glasses, it’s important to keep your vision and sight clean. Cleaning the glasses, sunglasses or eyes will make sure that you are well aware of what’s going on in the front.

Don’t hit the brakes hard

Riding on a mountain, that too in rain, means that all your manoeuvres and gestures must be smooth especially brakes. Hitting them hard or mashing your brake levers could make you skid and lose control over your MTB cycle. Try to hit to push brake levers early as your bicycle may take some time to stop due to less friction on wet areas.

Don’t change directions aggressively

Just like you need to apply brakes very smoothly, directions shouldn’t be changed aggressively as well due to increased risk of slipping and skidding.  The wet ground decreases the friction between ground and tyres resulting in skidding. So, it’s always better to ride and change directions slowly and softly.

Also, be very careful while going around the curves. For a regular day, you can take a curve as quickly as you can but during rains, it can make you lose your control. You can end up getting several injuries and may get severely hurt.

So, reduce your speed while going around a curve and mitigate the risk of falling over. 

While riding through muddy tracks, your bike may sink into the mud slightly. Rather than speeding up or changing directions frequently, the best thing that you can do is to ensure your balance while riding. This will help you pass through it without falling or slipping. 

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