Cycling is a very calming activity. While we purchase a cycle we don't care much about its maintenance. It is very essential to keep your bicycle in good condition for good experience. If you think just watching can make your bike feel new, but its not the case. These are the few ways by which you can make your old bike feel new. 

Replace the Tyres

When we ride a bicycle for a long time, they start to lose its grip. Therefore, a cyclist must keep excellent grip tires. At first, it might feel like a bit of a tasking job, but it will be effective for a long time once you have it. While replacing your tires, check your tubes if you're running them and your rim strips. If that's the case, there could be easy flats. 


Change the cables

One of the more affordable fixes, changing cables, can make breaking and changing gear feel like a whole new thing. If your shifting just won't run smoothly despite endless hours spent arranging the bike, then it's likely it'll need some new cables. 

Clean, lube, and check the chain

Once every few weeks, it is good to give the chain a proper clean with some degreaser:

1. Spray the degreaser on a rag and hold it loosely around the chain while spinning the cranks.

2. Put some lube on the chain and turn the cranks a few rotations so that the lube has time to seep into all the minor parts properly.

3. Wipe off any leftover lube with a cloth. 

A dirty and worn chain will cause more wear and tear on the rest of your drivetrain (cassette, chainring, and derailleur) and change it more often. 



Give your bike a good wash

A thorough clean can eliminate many of the squeaks that you're struggling with on the daily ride. When was the last time you gave it a good wash? And we don't mean wipe off a bit of dirt. Making sure the bike is in full whistle, clean fashioning order can save you money down the road; you'd undoubtedly be able to wait a lot plentiful before fixing up the drive train. A good scrub as well as some Foaming Chain cleaner to clean it all up; it'll feel good as new.


Check for Brake pads

Remove your front and rear wheel to access the brake calipers. A pad typically has 3-4mm of the compound, so if it only has 1mm or less left, it is time for a change. Changing brake pads can be fidgety but simple enough that anyone can do it. If the old brake pads are worn, one plausibly must propel the pistons in (with a flat-ish tool) to make the new pads fit in the caliper.



Replace the saddle

If you have a torn saddle seat, get a better seat cover or replace the saddle altogether if its uncomfortable. Sometimes the grit issues is because of uncleaned seat tube and post. Take your seat post out and clean the seat tube and seat post. Lightly grease the seat post before re-inserting (don't grease if the seat post or tube is carbon). Use carbon assembly paste if you want to use something in there. No need to grease anything. Put it all back together.



Now, Enjoy your happy ride with your not so new but new bicycle. If you wish to replace it to a new and upgraded version of cycle. Buy MTB cycles by Leader and have a fun and happy ride.