Bicycle is a great way to travel somewhere having fun and explore you day with full of enjoy. But some safety measures should be considered while riding a bicycle by bike riders. Because bicycle is a vehicle not a toy, so safety measures are necessary.

Why Bicycle safety is necessary for Bike Riders?

Riding a bicycle is a lot of fun but there are chances of accidents. Mostly kids get injured while riding a bicycle due to lack of safety measures. So Bike riders should be enough confident while riding. This can only happen when they are trained with full safety measures. This can help bike riders to protect themselves and reduce accident cases.

Why Bike helmet is necessary for Kids while riding a bicycle?

Wearing a helmet can protect your face, head, and brain from any type of accident while riding a bicycle. Therefore, wearing a helmet is very important for bike riders while getting ride on the road.

Remember. If you are going for a short ride even, then you should wear helmet for your safety. 
You can follow some guidelines as per below:- 

  • Make sure the helmet you are going to wear must fit to your head.
  • Don’t wear a hat under your helmet.
  • Buy a helmet with strongest body.
  • Make sure your helmet has CPSC sticker inside the helmet which meets safety standards.
  • Check all the equipment you require before riding a bicycle.

Lets discuss some safety tips while riding a bicycle

  1. Protection from Sun: While riding a bicycle, must protect yourself from the sun by wearing suitable sunglasses. Sunglasses helps to protect your eyes from the sun which increase focus on the road.
  2. Fun awareness: Never wear earphones or headphones while riding a bicycle. You must need to hear horns and other possible sounds of other vehicles on the road.
  3. Use Body language: Body language is a way to communicate with others while verbal communication is impossible. You can try waving your arm, ringing a bell or any other noise when eye contact fails.
  4. Lane Direction: Must follow lane direction standards set by the authorities. Always ride your bicycle left side on the road.
  5. Follow Specific bike path: You can follow the specific bike path for your protection from accident. It will be safe to follow bicycle path by the cyclists.
  6. Weather forecast: Before going outside for riding a bicycle, must check weather forecasting of your area. This can help you guess the right time for your ride journey.  And must carry waterproof suitcase with you in case of rainy day.
  7. Carry water bottle: Before riding a bicycle must carry a water bottle. Drinking water during riding a bicycle boosts your stamina for a ling ride.
  8. Traffic Rules: Follow all traffic and road rules and guidelines carefully for your self protection.