Cycling is a sport that has no age limit and no special requirements. It is a fun activity that soothes our souls and embraces health. However, when we travel via cycle, we need to take care of accessories attached to it to ensure safe travels.

Below are few accessories available in India that every cyclist needs to know.

1. Cycle bell with headlights

Riding on a foggy morning or late at night, we suggest one to have a headlight on your bicycle. It alerts you about what is coming next, and the bell helps signal others about you. It is good to take precautions while on the road; bells and headlights are a must- have.

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2. Cycle helmet

We have always been hearing that safety is in our hands. Riding a bicycle, especially on a traffic road, without a helmet is dangerous. No matter how professional a rider you are, it is necessary to wear safety gear and follow traffic rules.

3. High visibility jacket -

The commute on roads is increasing rapidly in India. Heavy vehicles are most likely to be unaware of the cycle on the road. The accident rates due to heavy traffic are also rising. While riding at night is recommended to wear a high visibility jacket to make drivers aware on the road of your presence.

4. Puncture Kit -

One should always prepare a backup, and when it comes to any long travels, it to carry the necessary tools. If you wish to cover large distances on your cycle, it is safe to have a puncture kit along. Avoid unnecessary roadblocks with just some simple precautions.

5. Spare Inner Tube
When riding in a group, no one will mind if you get a puncture. However, if one does not have a spare tube, the group will find you irresponsible and unprepared. Therefore, buy the proper inner tube in your cycle for your tire size. One key factor to test is the valve (Presta or Schrader) of the tube that your cycle wheel rim and buy accordingly.

6. Multi-Tool set

It is unlikely to predict what can occur on the street while riding. Maybe a bolt loosens up, or the chain starts giving you the issue in between. It is advisable to carry a multi-tool kit whenever you ride, which is adjustable to your cycle career or saddle. The sizes and designs of toolsets vary for every ride, and a lightweight tool kit is good to go.

7. Cycle Bottles

Hydration is a must in any sport, and carrying your water bottle is always helpful. These days many bicycles come with the water bottle and its holder. It will help for the morning workout routine to casual ride in the dawn. We can feel thirsty anywhere, and cycle bottles are there to your rescue.

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8. Bike Pumps 

A very cost and time-effective accessory are bicycle pumps. The commute and knowledge of vehicles are increasing amongst the youth. The roadside mechanics are decreasing in number. You might travel miles and still find the person to pump your cycle tires. Before you leave your house, check the air level in the tube and fill in the necessary amount.

 9. Cycle Lock

Protect your bicycle or other valuables against theft. Attach it with Clamp, helping in easy portability with your cycle, the protective coating helps prevent scratching, and the flexible braided steel cable for strong cut resistance.

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10. Mobile Holder

In the digital world, we are all addicted to mobile phones. Thus it is essential to have a mobile holder attached to the phone. So while having a little stroll around the park, good music on our playlist makes our mood ten times better.


 11. Mud Guard

Mudguards give protection from dirt and spray kicked from the wheels while riding a bike. Easily attachable to the cycle. The reflective tape on the mudguard alerts the traffic on the road about your cycle.

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12. Cyclo-computers or Trackers

If you are a data nerd or want to track your progress, then a cyclocomputer will be a good investment. Cheaper ones show distance, speed and time and are primarily electromagnetic. The intermediate ones add a few more data points like average speed, lap distance, etc. A cyclo-computer has a small screen mounted on the cycle's handlebar and shows the data in real-time. One can also invest in wrist wearables like a GPS watch if they do not specifically buy a cycling device. Garmin manufacturers some of the world's top tracking devices.

Now, we know that these are the accessories that are very essential for any cycling enthusiast. We hope this blog was helpful and now you wish you order your Leader Bicycle.