Bicycling is a fun sport and is enjoyed by everyone. Once you get the taste of cycling routine, there is no going back. There was a time when the cycle was the only commute popularly used by people. As time is passing the commute is shifting to style and comfort. There is a dire need to opt for a healthy lifestyle, people are picking up this trend post-pandemic era.

Now, you are into cycling the motivational intro, here are some fun facts about cycling that will wow you at every step. 

 1. Bicycles were called "velocipede."

The cycles without paddles were called velocipedes. When the cycles were invented, many ambiguous designs were part of history. The wooden precursors to bikes emerged at the end of the 18th century. Till 1869, there was no term called ‘bicycle.’



2. Geared Bike was called “Ariel.”

James Starley, in 1871 changed the world of cycles by inventing the first gear cycle and called it Ariel. The technology was evolved from three different patents on the bicycles.



3. Bicycling as a sport is 150 years old

James Moore did cycling and covered 1312 yards distance in 1868. He participated in the first true bicycle race held in Paris at Saint-Cloud Park.  



4. BMX bikes were inspired by Motorbike racing

Motorbike racing is a sport liked by youngsters. In 1970, kids in Southern California, accidentally discovered the sport while they wished to compete with MX motorbikes. The bicycle business got on and started planning strong, adaptable, rough terrain sport bicycles worked for stunt riding and earth track hustling. These are known as BMX bikes, used for this particular cycling.


5. Netherlands Rides on Bicycle

Netherlands’ population is 17 Million and houses 22.5 Million Cycles. Everyone prefers bicycles as a mode of communication. Undoubtedly, the pollution level is low, life expectancy ratio is high because of the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.


6. Half a billion bikes are in China

We all are familiar with the population ratio in China, but we also know how well they like to maintain their lifestyle. When it comes to health, fitness, and looks, China takes everything into account. China houses 500 Million + bicycles with a 1.4 Billion population.


7. About 870,000 Americans now commute via bicycle

Americans are opting for a healthy lifestyle now, the ’70s are coming back. According to the U.S. census, 8, 70,000 people commute by bicycle for work. About 17.4 bikes are sold annually in America. 


Did you know?

Every hour 15000 cycles are produced, which accounts for 253 cycles per minute, and 364,000 cycles every single day. 
If you enjoyed knowing about the cycle, you will enjoy riding one too. Book cycle of your choice with Leader Bicycles and pledge to opt for a healthy style of living.