Cycling is a super fun and healthy sport. Cyclists consider cycling a therapy for fighting stress, anxiety, and depression. As adventurous and trending as this sport has become, many myths surrounding it. We are here to break those myths and keep it as an adventurous activity. 

Bicycling is Expensive 

It is the most economical mode of transport, best for the environment and light on the pocket. The bicycles are available in different price ranges and abundant options from which you can choose. Cycling is a low-maintenance sport and cost-effective.   

Only for Fit People

There is a big misconception in people that cycling is for fit people. If nothing, cycling is for people who want to feel healthy. It is the only sport for every body shape and size. There is no issue; if you are three or sixty, you can cycle at any age.

Saddles are Uncomfortable 

Saddles are not uncomfortable if you pick the right size, keep it at the right angle and adjust it according to your body type. One needs to sit in the correct position while riding the bicycle.

Cycling is Dangerous

Follow the road rules, and you are good to go. Ensure safety with the right gear while you get on the road. Wear your helmet, knee protectors, and stay on the cycling lane. Cycling is not dangerous but thrilling and healthy. 

Cycling is all about Blood, Sweat, and Tears

It is nothing but an adventurous fun sport. The optimum clothing, proper safety measures, transiting music, and apps will make your ride pleasurable.

Cyclists don't have to Obey Traffic Rules

Anybody on the road has to follow the traffic rules. There is no exemption to it. If it is a red light waiting for the green walking signal, ride towards the left of the road and always cross through the zebra crossing. All the rules that apply to any vehicle apply to cycles as well.

Cycling is a Sport for Men

In the Gen Z era, there is nothing gender-specific anymore. It is, Specifically, a trending sport like cycling. It is a sport for every men, women and kids. It keeps one fit, active and happy. 

 Now, we know these myths have no grounds, and let's take our bicycles and go for a ride where the breeze will flow through your hair, and the journey will be calm and soothing.