Cyclists often care about the latest upgrades and styles to enhance their bikes and rides but overlook some crucial aspects that can change the game. Cycling with optimum tyre pressure is quintessential for every rider. Though it sounds easy, the whole thing is quite complex.

Whether you buy a mountain bike or terrain bicycle online or offline, the tyre pressure plays a vital role in your safety and Comfort.

Why maintaining an optimum tyre pressure in your bicycle is essential?

There are three prime factors for which optimum tyre pressure is required.


The more the tyre interacts with the surface and conforms to it, the greater the grip levels. That's why under-inflated and over-inflated tyres fail to have a good grip.

Rolling Resistance:-

The friction between the tyres and the surface is known as rolling resistance. The greater the contact between the tyre and the surface, the more the resistance. An under-inflated tyre offers too much surface area to be in contact with the surface. Therefore, rolling resistance increases. It makes the journey difficult. Surprisingly, an over-inflated tyre bounces on the surface, affecting the rolling resistance. The reason is that an over-inflated tyre bounces and does not roll smoothly along the surface.

So, getting the correct pressure in the tyres is vital to achieve the best grip levels and a balanced rolling resistance.

Life of the Tyre:-

When the tyres are over-inflated, the centre of the tyre wears out more frequently than the sides. Inflating the tyres too much reduces your traction and even results in a busting/blowout of the tyre.

Some other things that you need to consider:  

Weather and Temperature

The atmospheric temperature rises in the daytime and decreases at night. Temperature changes happen seasonally as well. We all know that gases expand when heated and contract when the temperature decreases. So, checking your tyre pressure before and after the ride is essential. Regardless of the temperature zone you live in, this is an excellent practice to minimize the variations in the tyre pressure with temperature changes.

Accurate Readings

Most of us use traditional floor pumps with a gauge to inflate the tyre and measure the pressure. The readings shown by these pumps vary. The difference can even be more than 8-10 PSI. Using this defective pump for inflating an MTB or road bike can result in significant problems, especially when dealing with low pressures. Try using an independent gauge for your reading, which is more accurate than the traditional one.

Manufacturer Instructions

Most of the newbies have a misconception that the manufacturer recommends the pressure value written on the tyre. But it is the maximum PSI value for your tyre. So, the next time you see a number on the tyre's sidewall while inflating it, consider it the maximum value, not the required value. And don't forget to read the manufacturer's recommendation/manual before inflating.

For smooth, safe and long-lasting rides, it is recommended to go for the correct tyre pressure.

Adjust the pressure according to the tyre volume. Whether a roadster bike or an MTB bike, if you shift from a 23mm tyre to a 25/28mm one, adjust the tyre pressure accordingly.

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