Cycling and running are two of the most popular and classic form of exercises followed by people across the world. There is a constant battle going on between running and cycling regarding their benefits, let’s understand and find out which one is the ultimate winner.   

Cycling and running are two main forms of aerobic exercises that people love to do in today’s time as well. If running is easy and cheap to get started, cycling adds swag and comfort to the cyclists. Let’s consider each and every parameter one-by-one and get on to the conclusion.

Health and Endurance

In case you are already healthy and fit, running would be a cakewalk for you. But, if you are slightly overweight or obese then running those few miles become tiresome. For running, you need to lift your body weight against gravity to propel forward. Then, you need to come back, strike the ground again and absorb the impact for greater leaps.

Keeping a momentum between both these things is inversely proportional to body weight. On the contrary, people can ride a bicycle two, three or even four times the distance they cover on foot. Cycling builds endurance and burns more calories.


Professional or beginner runners are plagued with a long list of do’s and don’ts to avoid injuries. Running is a high-impact sport as compared to cycling. The runners often suffer from hamstring issues, shin splints, stress fractures, etc. Also, the healing of injuries from cycling takes quite a long time. Cycling on the other hand is low-impact and does not make the body overstrained.

Enjoy places

Cycling enables you to travel long distances and explore amazing sites in a relatively shorter time as compared to running. Also, you can carry many things along with you while cycling. A cycling jersey allows you to not only stuff your pockets to the gills but also carry a backpack or add a carrying capacity to your cycle.

Multi-gear cycles allow you to go uphill and downhill without straining yourself  and with almost zero effort. While running uphill could drain all your energy.

Cardiovascular health

Running and cycling are both forms of aerobic exercises that are beneficial for your heart. Both of them strengthen your heart that enables it to pump more oxygen to your body parts.


The speeds achieved with a roadster or multi-gear bicycle in India makes cycling a thrilling and exciting activity. Whether its hills, deserts or beaches, cyclists often find a way to drive through every terrain with sustained pace and speed. Even the fastest runners are slower than the average speed of the cyclists.

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Tame your hunger

The appetite suppressing power of cycling and vigorous running is nearly equal. A team of British researchers have found that the hunger hormone called acylated ghrelin was equally suppressed by both these activities continued for the same time duration.

Again, it is difficult to hammer out an hour to run than to cycle for the same amount of time.


If you want to get around the urban or hilly areas, the bicycle is your best friend.  If you prefer to commute run to your workplace, you would tire soon. Also, you need to have separate gears (clothing and shoes) and take a shower as well. Cycling does not require that much botheration. It can be leisurely done at any pace without needing to change your commuting clothes. 

The Indian government is promoting cycling tourism at some incredible destinations. You can easily explore rural areas, mountain trails, hills and remote islands as well. All in all, cycling is a clear winner. 

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