Cycling is trending as a hobby and why not? It keeps you active, eliminates environmental pollution and mitigates the early signs of cardiac disorders. This post helps you identify the best cycle to buy in India as per your needs, requirements and budget. 

Cycling is trending in today’s world especially amongst millennials, Gen-Z and among those who have identified the benefits of cycling. Are you a newbie and confused with the cycling terminologies and struck between which cycle to buy- gear or non-gear? Then, this article answers all your queries and helps you to buy best cycle in India as per your needs, requirements and budget.  

What is a gear and non-gear cycle?

Non-Gear cycles are single speed cycles that have only one gear and are commonly seen on Indian roads. These traditional bicycles come in two variants i.e. fixed wheel and free-wheel cycles. These cycles don’t have gears or shifters and are prominently used on flat terrain or plains.

Gear cycle or multi-speed cycles are the modern versions of the bicycles. These cycles are a perfect choice for an updated and smart lifestyle as they help to cover a long distance in less time. In a single-speed cycle, speed is determined by how fast you can pedal but with multi speed bicycles in India, it’s all about gears.

Geared cycles allow for a perfect cadence without using much human effort.  The number of gears varies from three to thirty-six. The front gear system is called crankset while the rear one is known as cogs. The multi-speed cycles work perfectly in all types of terrains, be it hilly or flat. 

What is the difference between Gear and Gearless?

·        Gear System

Gears are speed deciding mechanisms for any bicycle in India. Both, single speed as well as multi-speed cycles has gears. While there is just one gear in single-speed cycles, the multispeed cycle may have gears ranging from 3-36.

·        Handling and Usage

If you are a novice, then prefer gearless cycles as they are easy to use and handle. Once you become pro in balancing with the single speed cycles, you can switch to a multispeed cycle. You need to master the skills of switching between high and low gears seamlessly with gear cycles.

·        Commuting

If you are commuting within the city or shorter distances (maybe your workplace), then gearless cycles are a perfect choice. Buy multi-speed cycles in India for longer distances as these cycles consume less human effort than single speed cycles. Geared cycles allow good cadence when you are commuting for a longer distance.

·        Maintenance

Every cycle, be it gear or gearless has components that require care else they may get damaged or rust after a long time. Proper maintenance is needed to prevent the wear and tear of the cycle. However, maintaining a gearless cycle is easier and cheaper as compared to geared cycles as the spare parts of multi-speed cycles are costlier than single speed bicycles.

·        Comfort

More leg pressure is felt while riding a gearless cycle as it requires more pedalling to increase the speed. On the other hand, the shifting gear system in gear cycles helps to ease out the pressure and build a strong comfort level.

·        Terrain

Though gearless cycles can be used in any type of terrain but they are fully efficient on plain or flat terrains. Multi-speed cycles are perfect to drive through any rough terrain such as hills, mountains, beaches, etc.

·        Price

You can easily get gearless cycles under INR 10000. But, as multi-speed or gear cycles come with a lot of features, they are a bit expensive. 

Which is the best cycle to buy?

Depending upon the needs and preferences, your choices may vary.

  • If you are a beginner and have just started to learn, then buy a single speed cycle.
  • If you want to create a style statement, buy a multispeed bike.
  • If you are planning to go on hiking or adventure through hilly or rough terrain, choose a gear cycle for a comfortable cadence.
  • If you love cycling as an exercise then a gearless cycle should be on your list and it is indeed a budget-friendly deal too.
  • If you love adventure, speed and excitement, multispeed cycles offer everything that you dream.

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