In our last blog, we discussed how to prevent cycling injuries. Here we will discuss the reasons, treatment and prevention of some of the typical cycling injuries.

Cycling is a superb activity for your brain, heart and overall well-being. Like other sports, it is common to feel pain in some body parts occasionally when cycling is a regular activity. If these aches go untreated or unmanaged, they can make you struggle hard to rotate the pedals of your favourite bicycle. Cycling injuries are unfortunate, but timely cure and treatment could help you recover speedily.

Here we have collated some of the injuries/pains, their reasons and how to prevent them.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common issues reported by cyclists. Symptoms include neck pain that radiates to the middle of the back. Sometimes there is difficulty in rotating or turning the head also. It significantly impacts flexibility while riding your favorite MTB cycle.

Overstraining your spine and wrong posture are two prime reasons for neck pain. If untreated, neck pain could lead to excruciating muscle spasms and stiffness. The neck ache also arises if the bars are too low. The rider has to hyperextend his body to see what's coming ahead.   

Gentle neck stretches and light neck exercises help loosen the neck stiffness and allow it to move freely.  

Wrist, Arm and Hand Pain

When too much pressure is exerted on the upper body, it results in pain in wrists, arms and hands. Ideally, 40% of the rider's body weight is positioned in the front (handlebars) and 60% at the rear part of the bicycle. If this ratio is imbalanced and more weight goes beyond the handlebars, your wrists and arms will be battling.

Make sure that the handlebar of your MTB cycle or roadster bicycle is not too long. Secondly, the handlebars should be at the proper height and not too low. Also, holding handlebars in one position for a long time could affect the forearm muscles and the wrists. If you want to avoid building tension in the wrists, griping positions should be kept altering.

Ensure the handlebar is positioned at its natural angle and reachable.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries that cyclists suffer as the backs are curled on the handlebars for a long time. The main symptoms include a sharp lower back pain radiating down the buttocks and thighs. You may feel slight stiffness and fatigue while getting up from a sitting posture. 

It is a common problem with aggressive cyclists who ride with low handlebars. Alleviate the handlebar to its natural position. Keep a round pillow behind your back while sitting at work. It will help you maintain your posture. Use a comfortable chair at your workplace. 

Work on your core strength, i.e. muscles. Exercise daily to keep your leg and thigh muscles strong and flexible.

Impact Injuries

Road crashes are an unfortunate part of cycling. You may be tempted to grab your cycle again immediately after the crash, but the injuries may restrict you. In case your skin is grazed by a road crash or bicycle skidding, try to clean the rash as soon as you get back home. If you have a first aid box in your backpack, clean your wound with water and apply an antiseptic cream.

Keep it dry and clean for the next few days for a speedy recovery.

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Knee Pain

Pain around your knee is often due to the poor fit of the bike. Choosing a bike is essential for your height, height, and weight. One size over or under could result in body aches, and knee pain is one of them.

When the saddle is placed too low, the rider may experience pain in the front of the knee due to excess pressure exerted on the knees. If the saddle is too high, stretching of the hamstrings results in pain behind your knee.

So, buy a bicycle that offers a perfect fit for you.

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