Research has proved that cycling in your retirement years or after 50 comes with numerous health benefits. So, if you have never learnt or have stopped cycling, it’s high time to grab your bike and start cycling.

If you are physically fit, then riding a bike is much easier and fun just like it was in your teen age. You can easily ride a bicycle at any age by learning just a few basic skills and grabbing the right cycle for you. Enjoy this health-building activity even if you haven’t done that before in your early half-century.

Why cycling is important after you cross your 50?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system resulting in strong muscles, bones and improved endurance. Cycling also enhances your nervous system by spiking the healthy brain protein.

 According to Johns Hopkins University, the bones start to weaken after 50 and breaking a bone at this age could be more catastrophic. Cycling is a low impact exercise that causes less strain/stress on your bones.

Cycling aids faster weight loss and in turn, keeps you fit, improve your mood and diminishes anxiety. Additionally, joining a cycling association or bike group significantly improves your mental health.

So, it’s time to motivate yourself and start cycling right away. Here’s how you can begin.

1.      Choose the right bike

Selecting the right bike as per your age, size and health is very important. Don’t compromise on quality. Explore the internet for top cycle brands in India and order one online. In case you feel any difficulty choosing the product, go to a cycle shop nearby and explore options as per your requirements.

Get a go-ahead from your doctor first especially if you are recovering from any health condition or infection.

In case you have an old bike in your basement or garage, get it checked by a bike mechanic before using it. Make sure that your bike adheres to all the pre-inspection parameters before the ride.

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2.      Balance and strength

For a perfect ride, the first thing that you need to follow is to get them on and off from your bike perfectly. If you are facing problem in taking your legs on and off from the cycle, try adding a few exercises that improve your balance, coordination and strengthen lower body before you hop on to your brand-new cycle.

3.      Single speed Vs Multi-speed cycle

This is one of the frequently asked questions amongst people from all age groups- which bicycle to buy? single-speed or multi-speed?

If you are a beginner, you need a cycle which is less complicated and easy to use. Single-speed cycles are the best choice for this. These cycles require less dexterity and are ideal for slow-paced riders. Unlike geared cycles, these cycles are easy to maintain, service and fix.

For multi-speed cycles often known as geared cycles, you need good strength and hand coordination for operating gears. If you feel difficulty in applying breaks, then it’s likely that you feel problem riding a geared cycle.

4.      Practice the basics

If you haven’t ridden the bike for a long time or are out of practice, then reacclimatize yourself with the basics and safety features first. Take the help of any family member or friend and practice in an empty area or park before stepping out on a busy road.

  • Start slow pedalling and practice braking.
  • Learn how to take turns smoothly.
  • Memorize and practice hand signals for making turns and stopping.
  • Practice shifting gears.
  • Perform small warming up activity (exercise) before riding as warming up helps to avoid injuries.

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5.      Start Slowly

After you have mastered the basics, now it’s time to slowly increase the distance and duration of your ride. If there are separate cycling tracks, use them rather than riding on the road. Follow traffic rules strictly and be cautious while riding through intersections, bumps, rough road, etc. Wear a helmet for additional safety. Avoid riding when it’s rainy or foggy.

So, what’s stopping you? Don’t be scared and meet your new friend- your bicycle.

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