For optimal performance, keeping the bicycle parts lubricated and well-serviced is essential. Regular serving protects your bike parts from "freezing up" and slows wear and tear. Continue reading for some easy tips to service bicycles at home.

People and kids love riding their cycle smoothly right from the day it is purchased from the biycle store in India. A smooth-running cycle with easily switchable gears and ease to pedal makes the kid fall in love with their bicycle in India. If no proper care and servicing is done, the cycle may indicate symptoms such as slow-changing gears, noise, loose breaks etc.

Here's how to service your kid's bicycle in India and keep these symptoms at bay.

Things you need to Service Your Kid's Bicycle

Some old but clean clothes: You will need them to clean and protect your hands from grease, oil or wax-related stuff.

Hand Gloves

Brushes: You can use an old toothbrush or a paintbrush, whatever is available.

Soap water: You can use liquid dishwashing soap or cleaner for frame cleaning.

Chain Lubricant

Screw tightening equipment

What are all things to check while servicing the cycle at home?

 Look out for dirt, cracks, tyre bike wear, brake cables & pads, gears, damaged components, loose or rusted nuts & bolts, front/rear lights etc. This list is not exhaustive but is sufficient to start with servicing the bicycle at home.

Check Tyre Pressure

An under-inflated tyre can impact the riding quality of the bicycle and may damage the cycle badly. Make sure that air pressure in the rear tyre should be more than the front one as the rider's weight is mainly drifted more towards the back than the front. Make sure to check the air pressure at least once a week.

Frame Cleaning

First, clean the frame with a dry cloth for any dirt. Then inspect the frame for any scratches. Now, clean the bicycle frame with soap and water. After that, clean and dry it using a dry cotton cloth.

Tighten all the Screws

Check for any loose nuts or bolts that need tightening. Inspect for any damaged, broken or rusted bolts. Replace these bolts with new ones.

Brakes and Cables

Ensure the brakes are well maintained and the cables are intact. The best way is to lift your cycle, spin the tyre, and apply brakes. These should work perfectly. Any loose brake should be tightened immediately.

Inspect for any damage to the brake cables. If the brake cable is not in good condition, consider replacing it. Similarly, do check for wear and tear of brake pads. Do not miss the servicing of brakes during the rainy season. Your slight negligence could make the bike skid, and you may get hurt.

Check with Gears

To check the gear performance of multispeed bicycles in India:

Turn your bike upside down and make it rest on the seat and handlebars.

Shift all the gears individually and check if they are shifting smoothly.

Turn the cable adjuster clockwise if you face any problems with shifting gears.

It will loosen it a bit. If the problem persists, then visit a cycle shop near you.


Lubrication of the cycle parts, such as chains, nuts and bolts, increases their life. If dirt sticks to the oiled part, keep a dry cloth handy and clean it daily. Do not over-lubricate, as it may result in component damage. Wipe off any excess lubricant.

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