Knowing how to stay upright on a cycle doesn't mean you have become perfect in cycling. Overlooking several basics may make your biking goals difficult. Practice these few cycling skills to get you faster and safer.

Lacking a firm grip on riding basics and practice may affect your cycling effectiveness. Here are a few strategies and techniques to practice that help you enhance your cycling skills and make you a better cyclist.

Invest time

If you want to become a professional, then invest time in practising. To improve your cycling skills, spend training time on and off-bike. Becoming a pro is not a few days' job; becoming a great cyclist may take years.

By giving more time to your cycle and aiming for continuous improvement, your chances of becoming a pro-cyclist enhance manifold. 

Practice braking

Before you start practising faster, you should know the guarding rules of brakes. Things are more complicated when you are a beginner. It is far more than just grabbing those brake levers and squeezing them. It is always best to use both brakes evenly when planning to stop the cycle. Keep your hands lightly on the brake hoods so that you can grab the brakes quickly when you need to stop.

Practice braking in an empty park : Sprint for 10 seconds and bring the cycle to a stop as safely and smoothly as you can. Repeating this process several times will give you a firm idea of your bike's braking power and the time taken to bring the cycle to a stop safely.

Begin slow

Begin slowly because your body is not used to riding. Riding hard and long may result in cramps or strain in your legs or joints. Increase the intensity gradually to enjoy the ride and reduce the risk of injuries. Follow your body, and don't push it too hard.

Join a cycling group

Cycling groups offer excellent opportunities to learn from experienced cyclists. You can easily find them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, find one in your city and join the gang. You will enjoy co-riders companionship and learn a lot from them.

Pair yourself with a few riders (from your cycling group or friends) faster than you. It gives you the challenge to keep up with them. Slowly and steadily, your endurance and speed are improved even before you know it.

Measure Your Progress

To become a great cyclist, you must track your performance. These insights into your performance help you understand where you need additional attention and which areas need more practice/improvement for growth. These metrics will also tell you how much further you can push yourself.

The simple way to track your abilities is to calculate the time to ride a specific route. Calculate it after every 2-3 weeks and compare it with your previous readings. You can also use a bike computer which is just like a Fitbit. The device can be attached to your cycle and record readings such as RPM, distance, time etc.

Challenging Routes

Take diverse routes that are challenging and make you work harder. Ride at various intensities as it will prompt your body to build fast-twitch muscles that make you pedal at various intensities whenever necessary.

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