Are you looking forward to driving through hilly terrain and trails? So, grab your MTB cycle, brush on these few practical mountain biking tips, and start.

If mountain riding is exciting and full of fun, it's terrifying and nerve-wracking at the same time. As a beginner, riding across different terrains, across streams and over rocks on your best MTB cycle may turn on the butterflies in you. But these easy beginner mountain biking tips would keep your safety and excitement intact.

Stay Loose

Keep your body loose when you are rolling over the technical terrain. While riding over the rocks or big roots, hover your butt off the saddle. It gives more room for your bike to move. Let your bike flow while running down a descent. Just think about positions such as "cowboy legs" or "push-up arms" so that your MTB bike should not fight with the weight of your body.

Maintaining Momentum

Maintaining Momentum in your speed is essential to keep moving forward. Speeding up or holding the speed makes it easier to cut through the rugged and challenging areas of the train. Slowing down can harm you more than speeding up.

Shifting weight

While shortlisting the best MTB brands in India, don't compromise on quality, as you will be hitting some extreme terrain while driving through the mountains. It will help if you keep shifting your weight while driving through steep declines or inclines.

When descending through a trail, shifting the weight over the rear wheel by pushing yourself behind the saddle would help you avoid hitting the bars. On the contrary, while climbing a challenging terrain, the body weight should be shifted forward to maintain traction and center of gravity.


It's essential to adjust your speed before applying the brakes, as the brakes of MTB bicycles are potent. At some point, you may be tempted to use both brakes, but just a finger is enough to regulate the speed of your mountain bike.

Use Proper Gears

Multispeed MTB bicycles are preferred over single-speed cycles in India if you love mountain riding. The best way to maintain Momentum and stay loose on brakes is to anticipate the terrain changes and adjust the gears accordingly.

Perfect Suspension

While buying an MTB bike, ensure it has a shock absorber (rear) and a front suspension fork. These two components make the journey more accessible as they help you glide seamlessly over the big rocks or bumps. Install them perfectly on your new MTB bicycle for women or men.

Wear Proper Helmet

It's indeed said that your bike would go in a direction where you see. So, rather than staring at an obstacle, focus on how to cross that hurdle; you may get smacked into it. Keep your eyes forward and as far down the trail as possible. Wear a proper helmet (neither too loose nor too tight) to protect your head in case a mishap occurs.

Brush Up on Basic Repairs

Get acquainted with some basic repairs if something breaks down in the woods. Get hands-on on fixing a flat tyre, repairing a broken chain or cracked derailleur hanger. Explore a cycle store near you and get professional assistance/training before beginning your journey.

Carry Extra Things

You may not be able to get any help if something goes wrong in the woods. A few extra things in your backpack would help you drive and survive through the rugged terrain. Ensure you have an extra credit card, a pump, a spare tube and a toolbox.

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